Yogi Malas: Sophistication with Soul

Yogi Malas mala beads are both fine jewelry and spiritual talismans. Superbly designed with easy, go-to elegance fit for every lifestyle, they offer a subtle yet sophisticated reminder of the deeper meaning hidden in each human moment. Modern jewelry with soul made for busy people, Yogi Malas are an exquisite embodiment of elegance and beauty that invoke presence, clarity and connection.

What are Mala Beads?

For millennia prayer beads have played a significant role in many of the world’s major spiritual traditions. Mala beads or malas in Sanskrit, are traditional prayer beads that emerge from both the Buddhist and Hindu lineages. Traditional malas contain 108 beads and are the primary tool used in japa meditation, a simple meditation style that involves the repetition of prayer or mantra to calm the mind, nourish the heart and strengthen the spirit.

Pearl Mala Beads

“At the crossroad of the spiritual and the material lies the modern search for meaning.”