How to wear Mala Beads as a wrist wrap

In this instructional video we show you how to wear your mala beads as an elegant wrist wrap.

The instructions are simple.

How to wear mala beads as a wrist wrap:

1. Drape the mala beads over the wrist you wish to wear your mala beads on.

2. With your free hand grap the far side of the loop the mala beads make as they hang down.

3. Now pull that side toward you and then allow the strand to pass to the outside of where the strand is currently sitting on your wrist.

4. Continue this process until you reach the last strand.

5. Upon reaching the last strand cross the strand to create a final loop.

6. Push all five of your fingers together and slip the final loop onto your fingers.

7. Push the loop up and over your fingers and finally your wrist until it slips into place as the final strand.

8. Adjust so the tassel dangles down on the underside of your wrist.

9. Enjoy your mala!

How to remove Mala Beads from your wrist.