Mala Care

How do I care for my mala?

Mala Care. Everything and more you wanted to know…

While we use the strongest possible string to ensure your mala is every-day tough, they are hand made and we are human, so it is possible that they will break. Don’t worry! It is in fact considered auspicious if your mala does break, especially if you have been working with a set mantra or meditation as this can signify the arrival or achievement of a set goal.

Your malas are designed to have a certain amount of give in the string to allow them to be worn as wraps on your wrist and you should have at least 6 months to a year with regular use or wear without any issues.

Some specific malas need specific care:


Sandalwood benefits from being massaged with oil. The best oil is naturally sandalwood oil, however any high quality oil including linseed (flax), olive or coconut oils will be suitable.


Rudraksha beads are known for their quality to absorb oil and will become much darker over time. This is considered to be a very attractive quality signifying the wearers bond with the beads and absorption and interaction with the special energies of rudraksha.


Avoid situations where your malas end up with any weight on them as all stones feature natural fracture lines and stones can crack with force so please be careful.


Most of our malas use Sterling Silver which will tarnish slightly over time, especially if your malas are not in use for some time. This is not to be considered unattractive, they will add to an antique look for your malas and with a little use they will naturally polish up.


Other tips

  • No UV light. Store your beads out of the way of sunlight or harsh UV when not in use. We include a beautiful vegan suede mala bag with every order, this is the perfect place to keep them out of the light.
  • Tassel Care. If your tassel starts to get a little tired you can wash the tassel in lightly soapy water and leave to dry overnight (not in the sun). If required you can trim any fraying and comb the tassel out with a broad comb.
  • Please remove your mala before bathing, showering or doing the washing up. Swimming with your mala on is also not recommended especially in salt water as it has a corrosive effect.

Finally, we also offer a restringing service if your mala breaks – all we ask is that you cover the costs for return postage. Contact us to find out more. Note: We reserve the right not to repair any malas that are beyond repair, missing stones / beads / pearls.