Pachamama Malas


The Mala of Mother Earth, Fertility and Nature




Pachamama Mala

The Pachamama Mala is the Mala of Mother Earth, Fertility and Nature

Sandalwood, Jade Turquoise, Freshwater Pearl, Sterling Silver

Known as the Earth Goddess in ancient Inca mythology, Pachamama is a fertility goddess who presided over planting and harvesting. Incas of ancient Peru believed that Pachamama personified the Earth, and prayed to her for the health and livelihood of the natural world. Wear this mala to align your vibration with the heartbeat of nature, to reduce anxiety, provide a sense of grounding and attract flourishing in all aspects of your life.


Pachamama curandera cura cura cura cura madrecita.

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50cm or 20"

Bead Size

8mm or 5/16"


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