Wholesale applications are now open for retailers in the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. If you are interested in meeting with one of our global representative or if you would like to plan to visit us please read on.

We will personally review all applications to become an authorized stockist of Yogi Malas. Our goal is to partner with businesses that have potential to maintain a mutually profitable and growing relationship. We are actively looking for partners willing to be brand ambassadors for Yogi Malas and while we prefer our dealers to have a physical (brick & mortar) location, we are flexible in our consideration of all types of business if it is a solid fit for our brand.

Here’s what you need to know…

We are looking to build successful partnerships with established retailers who reflect and will uphold the values and aesthetic of Yogi Malas and who a match for the high quality product Yogi Malas deliver.

General Requirements:

  • Yogi Malas reserve the right to open and/or close wholesale accounts at anytime.
  • Our wholesale program is not intended for businesses in the trade, such as jewellery manufacturers.
  • All our retail partners must stock product they plan to sell. Successful applicants will have established sales channel(s) related to fashion, beauty, yoga or active living
  • Provide images of physical storefront(s) both inside and outside AND location of storefront with proposed visual merchandising solution. (We can arrange for appropriate lockable display stands to be provided at cost),
  • Provide details of market place sites (URL).
  • Initial orders must exceed $1000.00 USD at wholesale cost, all reorders must meet or exceed $250.00 USD at wholesale cost. Newly opened accounts will receive a price list. (Please note, prices are subject to change without notice.)
  • All product prices are FOB from our warehouses. Shipping costs are not included and will be invoiced. We will ship via FedEx ground unless prior arrangements are made. We can also use customer FedEx Account Numbers, please let us know in advance to make these arrangements.
  • Initial sales terms for all accounts will be paid in advance (PIA). Our preferred payment is through our secure electronic invoicing system using a credit card. Upon account set up, we will contact you for credit card information to attach to your account for the initial order and will be used for reorders as well. This is the fastest method to avoid any shipping delays. Payments can also be made via PayPal. Dating may be negotiated after your account”s annual orders exceed $5,000 USD at wholesale cost.
  • All promotional materials, websites, and social media channels referencing, featuring or picturing our product must credit Yogi Malas. Failure to do so will result in account closure.


International Requirements:

  • Our main market for our partners is within North America. However, we will consider partners outside of North America in a case by case basis.
  • All shipments are FOB. By default, we send via FedEx international. If you have a freight forwarder or have a drop ship location within the USA, please make arrangements with us prior to ordering.
  • Our international customers are responsible for all taxes, duties and fees associated with importing goods to their respective country. The majority of our product is manufactured in Indonesia, not the USA, so the products do not qualify for NAFTA. It is our customer’s responsibility to know what is and what is not allowed to be imported into their country.


E-Commerce Requirements:

  • All applicants who wish to sell our products online, must get our prior approval for each URL to remain an open account.
  • Yogi Malas does NOT drop-ship. All approved retailers must stock the items they plan on selling. Selling out-of-stock product to end users is forbidden.
  • Approved online customers are required to list the Yogi Malas brand name in the product name and product description within your e commerce website . This is strictly monitored. Failure to do so will result in account closure.
  • We can supply a limited offering of high resolution images. All images provided are Copyrighted and to be used in conjunction with Yogi Malas products only. Lifestyle and Staged images are the responsibility of the customer.
  • Selling on 3rd party websites (example: Amazon, Ebay, Flash Sale Sites) is strictly prohibited. Failure to do so will result in account closure.

If you feel your business is a match and you are in agreement the above, then please proceed commence the account application process. We undertake will review and respond all applications within 48hrs.


Please complete the form below to request a Yogi Malas Wholesale Application form: